Providing the best possible environment outside your home to help your child’s development.

About Early Years Academy

We help children grow through meaningful and educational experiences. At EYA, we acknowledge the important role we have in supporting families to improve childhood development outcomes in the first five years. In today’s world it’s not unusual for both parents to be working so we like to think that childcare is an opportunity for your child to learn about the world around them.

At the top of our priority list is each child’s health and safety. They will develop many skills that will serve them for life, make friends and learn to share. They will also build the skills and resilience they will need to be successful in the transition to school.

Why choose EYA? To build on a child’s naturally curious nature we provide a high quality early learning environment combined with a play-based curriculum.

We provide a community of professional educators with the credentials to enhance your child’s early social skills and to document their development. We also have our own arts and science programs, designed specifically for children and delivered in a creative way.

This combination of a robust curriculum, engaging environment and quality educators, ensures we deliver a level of childcare education and development that meets the needs of all our children.

Family is at the core of both Amy and Todd’s heart. Their own expansive and diverse family, including a rambunctious toddler, independently spirited teenagers, and children becoming parents themselves, continues to strengthen their passion for children’s development in their early years. There’s very little Amy and Todd haven’t already experienced! It’s this love for family that drives their passion within Childcare and early years education, after all, who better to deliver the care and development for your child than parents who share your values and understand the challenges of parenthood.